How do I ship to you?

The shipping address will be sent to entrants after registration closes. For some helpful guidelines on how to ship for contest entries, please refer to the Homebrewer’s Association website for best practices. And check out this video:

Are you sanctioned by the BJCP?


When do I ship?

June 15th-30th, 2024. More info will be sent to entrants via email.

What bottle size do I need?

Entries should be in glass bottles: capped 187ml, capped 12oz beer bottles, or corked 375ml wine bottles. Anything outside of that (larger bottles or nonstandard closures), or containing any identifying marks will get a feedback score sheet only and be ineligible for awards.

How many bottles should I send?

Each entry will consist of three (3) capped or corked bottles that are void of all identifying information, including labels and embossing. Printed caps are allowed, but must be blacked out completely.

What kind of closures can I use?

Entries must be sealed with bottle caps, standard #8 or #9 wine corks, or champagne corks with cages. Entries with swing-top lids, screw-on lids, t-corks, and other nonstandard closures will be judged and get feedback, but will be ineligible for any awards.

Will you be storing my mead cold?

Like last year, all meads will be stored at room temperature until the competition weekend. Two days prior to judging, any entry marked sparkling or pétillant will be chilled at fridge temperatures. All still meads will be judged at room temperature (around 68F/20C).

What defines pro versus amateur?

This is a homebrewing competition, so we are accepting entries from homebrewers only. If you are a budding professional, not yet in the mead industry, you are welcome to participate as well. If you need further clarification, feel free to shoot us an email!