A simple, approachable, mead competition

Our team has worked hard to make sure the competition is in line with other homebrewing competitions regarding rules, timeframes, and judging criteria.

Enter First

Entry cost is $10 per mead entered. Entry registrations accepted 04/01/2024 12:00 AM, CST through 06/15/2024 11:59 PM, CDT. (though you can make changes through 6/30)

Then Ship

Entry bottles accepted at the shipping location 06/15/2024 12:00 AM, CDT through 06/30/2024 11:59 PM, CDT. Shipping information will be provided once registrations close.

Judging this Summer

Meads will be judged on July 18! Winners will be announced soon after. All score sheets will be scanned and returned digitally to each entrant.

What is Mead Stampede?

Three mead-focused YouTube channels have teamed up for year three of our mead competition. We know mead – and you brew mead. So, let’s give out some ribbons! 

Three BrewTube friends and the support of an incredible community. Meet the hardworking folks who are making Mead Stampede possible!


FaeWood Mead

The newest member of the team! Mandi has been making mead for two years and has a great palate for flavors and aromatics. She's excited to lend her skills to the team in 2022!


Committee Member

Our resident tech guru, Rob Rogers (aka silentrob) is a longtime homebrewer who only entered the world of mead-making relatively recently. Rob is a BJCP certified beer and mead judge.



Committee Member

A passionate home recipe tester from the Phoenix, AZ area, with the making for great baking, and an admiration for fermentation. Though just a beginner when it comes to home brewing, Nicholas has a solid understanding of the fermentation process and has jumped in head first experimenting with different recipes.


Committee Member

Jake Tweedy, AKA Death Metal Jake, AKA Dogstickfetch has been brewing for 3 years, thoroughly annoying and alienating all friends and family with fanatical fascination in all things fermentation. Earned a Certified Specialist of Spirits in 2016. He also composes the ridiculous segment music for Doin The Most and mods the Discord and streams.


Committee Member / DtM Contributor

A mead fan for years now, David has only recently begun brewing his own. With a well-developed palate for wines and whisky, David is excited to serve on the tasting panel for the inaugrual Mead Stampede.

Get in Touch

Our team is standing by to answer any lingering questions.

Our event is run virtually

So you'll need to send us an email or ask questions on Discord!

Contact the team

You can use the #mead-stampede channel on the DtM Discord

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